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Cloud Security –Maximize Its Advantages for Maximum Gain

Despite the wide-spread use of the cloud to manage secure, complex workloads, many organizations remain in dilemma to put their trust on the cloud’s ability to deliver desired security. Many of them perceive the capacity of a system to deliver security based on their ability to control and touch a physical device. Being able to […]

Cloud MSPs–Pick the Best for Your Enterprise

With respect to the coding infrastructure, businesses, be it of any scale, need to have an efficient team that can understands the role of infrastructure in enabling smarter product development and faster deployment. When it comes to the cloud, its operating cost does not based on how many hardware is running, rather it depends on […]

AWS Vs Azure, which is best?

Cloud solutions, cybersecurity and analytics are the top technologies targeted for new and additional spending by public sector CIOs in 2018, according to a survey from Gartner, Inc. In today’s world of internet, the surge towards Cloud solutions is because the agility in business processes plays a vital role by upgrading to high-end technologies and infrastructure in […]