Skysoft integrates DevOps methodology with ALM tools – from requirement or agile development to production deployment.

Skysoft Intelligent DevOps is an enterprise solution simplifying and automating execution and monitoring real time metrics. This is achieved with seamless continuous integration of the best of the breed tools in software development, build, test and deployment cycles to enable a one click execution.

Skysoft’s Devops Standard Practices Eco System:
1. Collaborative Development
2. Continous Testing
3. Continous Release & Deployment
4. Continous Monitoring
5. Continous Feedback using Cognitive Analytics

Key Features:
• Visual Dashboard that Captures Key Metrics across DevOps Tools
• Statistical Analysis and Co-relation on Historical Data
• Showcase of Indicator Trends (Positive, Negative, Neutral) to Enable Continuous Improvement
• Interventions for Forthcoming Sprint
• End-to-end Performance Measurement of Delivery Pipeline